Looking for a new home?

Home Buying

Buying a house isn't like going to the market and picking out a ripe melon.

It's a complex transaction that most people rarely do more than once or twice in their lives. Buying real estate is like going to court; and although you can represent yourself, your chances are far better with a qualified attorney at your side to maneuver the process.

Not all real estate agents are the same! There are vast differences that could affect you and your wallet directly. When hiring a real estate agent, it’s critical that you make the right decision about who will handle what is probably the single largest financial investment you will ever make. A skilled agent has a wealth of data and experience about local real estate market conditions, property inventory, community features, comparable homes on the market, and current lending and appraisal requirements.

Here is what to look for and how Sandy stands out:

Knowledge of Area and Real Estate

Sandy has lived in the South Sound area since 2001 and has been licensed as a broker since 2005.

She is intimately familiar with property inventory, geography, schools, community features, traffic congestion areas to avoid, and more. This is valuable information to consider when finding just the right home.

Service Philosophy

Sandy treats every transaction as if it were her own, and treats her clients like valued friends.

Many brokers get clients through paid lead generation that continually churns out new prospective buyers. These transactions need to close quickly to get to the next one. An unhappy client is inconsequential to those brokers, as the next prospect is already in the pipeline. Sandy’s business comes exclusively from repeat clients and referrals. Her continued success depends on making every client happy. She wouldn’t want it any other way, as her name is on every transaction, and she takes a lot of pride in her work and reputation.


An excellent and direct communicator, Sandy can translate complex processes into easily comprehensible actions.

Facilitating open lines of communications between all parties helps reduce obstacles, conflict, misunderstanding, and helps make a smooth transaction.


Sandy has an outstanding reputation in the community that has earned her the respect of her colleagues.

This, in turn, has a positive effect on her clients and their home purchases. As one of Sandy’s clients, you can expect nothing less than unbiased advice, honest guidance and open disclosures. Sandy represents her clients exclusively. Dual agency is permitted by Washington State law, and is routinely practiced by many brokers who like to collect commissions for both sides of a transaction. Sandy has never, and will never represent two opposing parties in the same transaction.

Negotiation Skills

Sandy’s feel for the market and each individual situation enables her to guide her buyers through the negotiations phase of the transaction with finesse.

Because she treats each transaction as if it were her own, her aim is to negotiate the best terms and concessions possible to benefit her clients.


Real Estate is Sandy’s career and passion.

She is a full-time broker who routinely works 50-60 hours a week. This means being available for her clients when they are available.

Professional Designations

Sandy isn’t just a real estate agent; she is a Realtor®.

She isn’t just a broker; she is a Managing Broker. A real estate agent is anyone who is licensed to help people buy and sell residential property. A Realtor® is a trademarked term that refers to a real estate agent who is an active member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the largest trade association in the United States. NAR requires that members hold a valid real estate license, be actively engaged in the real estate business, have no record of official sanctions involving unprofessional conduct, and have no recent or pending bankruptcy. 

Realtors must attend an orientation and agree to abide by NAR’s Code of Ethics & Professional Standards. Members are required to complete periodic training on the Code of Ethics as a condition of continued membership. The code consists of 17 Articles and was founded on the principles of the “Golden Rule”, and requires that Realtors cooperate with each other to further the best interests of consumers and their clients. This code of ethics holds its members to a higher level than just state licensing. 

As a Managing Broker, Sandy had to pass the Managing Broker’s Exam and maintain her Managing Broker’s License. As such she is held to a higher standard. Managing brokers may manage and supervise Associate Brokers, and only Managing Brokers can become Designated Brokers to run brokerage firms.

Educating the Consumer

The home search often starts with an office consultation where Sandy meets with home buyers to listen to their needs and search criteria,

to have a conversation about each individual’s expectations, and to go over her informative home buying manual, offering valuable information about the home buying process. Even clients who have bought homes in the past find this very helpful, as real estate is different from state to state, and real estate laws and contracts change over time. If you’re ready to get started with your home search, begin by giving Sandy a call.