Hunter Buckey - Broker

2415 Evergreen Park Dr SW
Olympia, WA 98502

As an army brat I grew up in Killeen TX, Wiesbaden Germany, and now Lacey WA. Even though I really enjoyed Texas and Germany, I love being in Lacey the most. I’ve lived here for 8 years now and I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else. 


I’ve always had a love for games ever since I was very young. I remember playing Tekken 4 with my dad on ps2. It’s an amazing hobby that ends up bringing a lot of people together. I love fighting games the most (my favorite being King of Fighters XV) and I meet up with my friends to compete at a local place in Olympia. We even travel to different states to compete and it’s a very fun time.


I then followed my fathers footsteps and joined the army as an intelligence analyst. I was stationed at Fort Hood where I grew up as a kid. I will always miss the food in Texas, it was so good. It was there where I continued to strengthen my discipline and learned how to better have a strong mind and body. It’s also where I better understood how to work with people of all backgrounds and have a tightly knit group of people you can trust. 


After serving I turned to Real Estate. It has been such a fulfilling and fun career and I love to see people getting into a place they can call home. I have a very tight knit family and we get along super well. I work with my brother and my mom who are also real estate brokers, and I couldn’t ask for a better work environment.